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Mental Resources

If you are In an emergency

please call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741

Call Center Headset

Online Therapy Resource


BetterHelp offers services to adults, couples, and teens for providing ongoing counseling sessions. This worldwide resource is a great option for residents of rural areas who lack access to mental health services. Additionally, you can benefit from virtual counseling sessions in the comfort of your own home. Several members of our community have had great success working with counselors on BetterHelp


Psychology Today

Psychology Today helps you find an in-person counselor by entering your zip code. This resource is available in 17 countries including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and many others. This is a great option if you want a more traditional face-to-face experience. You can also view a therapist’s areas of focus and look for credentials and fees that match your individual needs


Mental Health Match

Built on years of research, Mental Health Match is a tool tfind you licensed therapists who are best matched to your needs. Search by zip code to match with therapists. The right one makes all the difference.

Economic Hardship Resources

Mutual Aid Hub

Access a list of local mutual aid & food resources provided by people in your community, for your community. You can also find out where to contribute or volunteer with your local mutual aid organizations


Net Wish

NetWish is a nonprofit that provides direct and immediate assistance to families and individuals, up to $200


Read: A Guide to Resources That Can Help You Pay Bills Now, from Rent to Health Care


Need Help Paying for Medical Costs or Prescriptions?


Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)

PPA offers a free service named MAT (Medicine Assistance Tool) that can match you with resources and cost-sharing programs for medical prescriptions. It also provides a database of free and low-cost clinics in your area



RxAssist offers a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs (programs run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medication to people who cannot afford to buy them)


Worried About Paying Bills, Rent, or the Possibility of Eviction?


Need Help Paying Bills

This older site includes a state-by-state directory that provides information about benefits programs, rent assistance, and debt relief within the US


Over The Phone Assistance

Call 2-1-1

If you live in Canada or the US, you can dial 2-1-1 on your phone to connect to many types of resources, including COVID-19 information and food or housing assistance. Speak confidentially with a live, trained professional, in 180 different languages

Free Money Management Resources

Smart About Money

Free online courses that help you create savings plans for hardship, healthcare, retirement, etc. Each course takes approximately 45 minutes and includes worksheets, calculators and quizzes


My Financial Mountain

Julio Lara offers this free course in "Understanding Your Path to a Solid Financial Foundation". In 13 short (3-min or less) videos, Julio walks you through everything from debt to savings to credit and more


Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts

This free online course discusses the prevention and alleviation of personal debt issues


Money Skills

Taught by two university economics professors, this free course dives into the practical and confusing questions of adulting. Detailed yet accessible to beginners, find out how to invest, if it's better to buy or rent, and much more


Free Legal Aid



This resource connects you to free legal aid resources for COVID-related concerns, disaster relief, domestic abuse & custody concerns, immigration assistance, government benefits, veterans assistance, and more. The website offers a comprehensive directory for each of US state and territory



Currently offering free COVID legal advice and resources. Answer a few questions and you'll be be directed to legal help for either business or personal/family needs. You may also chat with a volunteer on-call attorney for free answers and legal advice


American Bar Association (COVID-19 and Pro Bono)

Free legal assistance for COVID-related legal concerns from the American Bar Association

Free Addiction Screening Test

Provided by Mental Health America


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA is a confidential, free, 24/7, 365 day-a-year information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations


Where To Get Help

Knowing what resources are available and where to start can be tricky. This interactive questionnaire provided by Mental Health America helps you figure out your options


Never Alone Club

Chat rooms, daily online meetings, and 24/7 support & fellowship for those struggling with addiction and/or recovery

Find the best drug & alcohol rehab center near you


Therapy Tribe Addiction Treatment Platform

Community-based addiction support group


Alcoholics Anonymous Online

Online group meetings


Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup

Online meetings directory


The e-AA Group

Multi-topic Alcoholics Anonymous forum


Free Worksheets


Breaking Up with an Addiction

This worksheet provided by Mental Health America helps you gain perspective by writing a letter about your addition experience, how it has affected you, and how you'll gain control of the situation


Why Do I Drink or Use Drugs?

This worksheet provided by Mental Health America helps you understand the reasoning behind your addiction or dependency by allowing you to process your thoughts and feelings

LGBTQ resources

Call 1-866-488-7386 or

Text START to 678678

The Trevor Project was created to support youth who need a safe and judgment-free place to talk. You can connect with them via phone call, text message, or online chat. They have many resources about topics like coming out, Trans + Gender Identity, homelessness, Gay + Lesbian experiences, and many others. Click on “Resources” followed by “Trevor Support Center” to view every category


LGBT National Help Center

Call 1-888-843-4564

Serves gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning people by providing free & confidential peer support and local resources. Phone and online chat available. Hours vary


National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)

NQTTCN is a healing justice organization committed to transforming the mental health of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC)


It Gets Better Project

Includes a curated list of over 1100 organizations in 40+ countries around the world offering support to LGBTQ+ youth

Domestic Violence Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH)

Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Call the NDVH or visit their website to chat with someone to help you for free 24/7. Their advocates are here to listen without judgement and help you begin to address what’s going on in your relationship



Visit their website and click on "Places That Help" for a state-by-state directory of domestic violence shelters and advocates


Read: What To Expect When You Reach Out To NDVH


LGBTQ+ Specific Resources


Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project

Call 1-800-832-1901

Provides legal advocacy, crisis intervention, emergency safe homes, support & resources to victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Emergency hotline available 24/7


Read: Abuse In LGBTQ Communities


Native American Specific Resources


StrongHearts Native Helpline

Call or Text 1-844-7NA-TIVE (762-8483)

Offering free, confidential support services for Native American and Alaska Native survivors of domestic violence everyday by partnering with the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center. Available 24/7. StrongHearts advocates have a strong knowledge of Native cultures and communities, including issues of tribal sovereignty and the law, and may be able to help you identify resources specific to your community


Free Articles


Read: Creating A Safety Plan


Read: Abuse in Disability Communities


Read: Safety When Preparing To Leave An Abuser


Read: Safety While Using The Internet

(your computer could be monitored by an abuser)

Harmful Thoughts

Visit Your Local Emergency Room

Your local hospital’s emergency room is staffed with professionals 24/7 who are trained in crisis response and can help support you and keep you safe. If you feel you are safe enough to get yourself from your current location to the emergency room, this is another option for getting immediate help. You can also ask a trusted friend or loved one to drive you to the hospital. It can often be helpful to have the support of someone you know and trust


Contact Emergency Services

Call 9-1-1

If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, calling 9-1-1 may be necessary. Please notify the operator that this is a mental health emergency and ask for officers trained in crisis intervention. This will connect you with first responders and emergency medical services. These are trained professionals who can help evaluate your situation, offer support in ways best for your situation, and keep you safe. It can be scary to take this step, but it is one of the bravest things you can do if you struggle with suicidal ideation that has escalated to the point you are no longer safe


Contact Poison Control

Call 1-800-222-1222 or

Text POISON to 797979

Contact Poison Control right away for expert medical advice if you suspect a poisoning or poison-related emergency such as chemical burns. Help is available via text, online with webPOISONCONTROL, or by phone 24/7. Every option is free, expert, and confidential


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call or Text 1-800-273-8255

Options for Español & Deaf/Hard of Hearing

For Americans who need to connect with help quickly. This service is open 24/7 and can conduct chats in Spanish and for the Hearing Impaired. The website lists additional resources for specific communities like LGBTQ, youth, veterans, loss survivors, and attempt survivors. They can help connect you to local resources if you want to take the next step in your healing journey


Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741

Available 24/7 to connect you with a trained crisis counselor ready to help with any situation you’re finding challenging. This can range from school stress to COVID anxiety, depression to suicidal thoughts, and everything in between. A safe and confidential platform to help you through your most difficult moments

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