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Mentally Pretty

Mentally Pretty is a platform designed to help you establish healthy mental practices and achieve an elevated state of wellbeing. Once you take the steps toward improving your mental health, all aspects of your world improve: relationships, finances, family, career, health and more. We believe mental health is not something you have, but it’s something you practice.

Our Vision

We are Mentally Pretty, a mental health platform focused on helping you create a life that’s pretty in every area! Pretty in wealth, lifestyle, mind, fitness and relationships.


Our main focus is improving lives and communities, and we believe that starts from within. Anytime you purchase a product, or support our podcast, we provide a free therapy session from a licensed therapist to women in underserved communities.

As we take the steps of improving ourselves, we must also help enrich the lives of others.


Mentally Pretty

Join host Morgan Simon as she uncovers how to maintain healthy mental practices while setting goals and achieving your dream life. She’ll be covering business, wealth, relationships, wellness, lifestyle and hearing from some “Pretty” amazing people along the way.


Our goal is to harness the power of mental health education by providing access to quality tips and tools on managing healthy mental practices in your daily routines. By supporting this podcast, you’re giving an opportunity for a young women to receive free therapy sessions given through our mentally pretty scholarship fund. So please listen, subscribe and share, all of your support is greatly appreciated!

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